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Covid-19 Update -

The Lush Family continues to take Covid-19, as well as all potentially harmful bacteria and viruses, seriously.  As mask restrictions have become less strict, we at Lush have made the decision to not require masks while in the salon.  However, to make all our guests comfortable, we will wear a mask upon request.  We want to not only keep you and your family safe, but ours as well.  Each member of our team has received training and certification of proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards from Barbicide.  In addition to the sanitation guidelines we were already following, many of our staff have also received their vaccine.  During your visit at Lush, we ask our guests to continue some basic procedures to ensure everyone's safety while being our guest. 


First and foremost, if you are not feeling well, please reschedule your appointment.  This ensures the staff of Lush to not get sick and possibly spread any potentially harmful germs to others.  It also ensures our good health to continue so that we may still be able to perform the services everyone has come to love. 


When arriving at Lush for your appointment, please wash your hands.  We will have hand sanitizers available at the reception desk, each manicure and hair station, as well as the spa rooms for additional convenience. 


We will continue to do our best to honor the social distancing requirements.  To ensure we are following the guidelines, we ask any guest not receiving a service, to sit in one of our waiting areas. During nice weather, please take advantage and enjoy our beautiful patio.  Any guest not receiving a service may enjoy it as well. 


Upon arrival, please be patient while waiting for your appointment and allow us to direct you.  Do not sit at a station or enter a spa room until asked to do so.  It is our duty to ensure your safety therefore, a thorough sanitation and disinfection must be performed before we can begin your service. This includes disinfecting implements used and products and equipment touched. Also ensuring all surfaces of the stations including the chairs are disinfected, linens changed, laundry washed and floors swept.  For this to be performed properly, it takes time. This is for your safety.   


Our credit card machine is mobile.  For your convenience, whenever possible, we will process your payment before you leave the chair.  This will help us avoid congestion at the front desk and honor social distancing.  Additionally, we accept Apple pay.  Also, whenever possible, we will do the same for scheduling your next appointment.  If you have not already, download the mindbody app.  The link is available on the book online page of this website.  This will allow you to schedule your own appointments when it is convenient.  


Last but not least, as we move forward and continue to navigate the waters of social distancing, learning what's appropriate and not, we ask that you understand that we would like to limit the amount of contact we have with each of our guests and that includes hand shaking and hugs.  We are happy just to be able to see you and provide a great service and experience.

As Covid-19 continues to evolve and the experts learn more, we will be updating our sanitation and disinfection practices as required.    


We want to do our part in the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and all infectious diseases.  Please help us keep you and all our families safe and healthy.


Revised 9/15/2023

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