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The Team


As an experienced and strong team,  Monique and Carly envisioned what a salon-spa could be in Hanover.  In 2018, Monique and Carly took that vision and, with the help of Shannon, made it into a reality by creating Lush Salon and Spa.  Monique, with her 36 years of experience in the industry, took the lead with the logistics while Carly, with her youthful and fresh ideas, took the creative lead. Together, Monique and Carly created the Lush experience.

Monique, born and raised in Mystic, Ct., began her career in 1986.  She has experienced many different cultures and philosophies from her living and working in North Carolina and Maryland before finally settling in Hanover, Pennsylvania  where she has lived with her family for the past 20 years.

            During her travels, she has stayed current and on trend with her education while attending industry classes and conventions across the country including cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, New York City and Washington, DC. She attended the Goldwell Academy where she received her Goldwell Color Certification, received her certification from Satin Smooth for body and facial waxing expertise and became a certified Nova Lash lash artist 9 years ago.

            Monique has built a strong following for lashes, body waxing and hair services due to her commitment to each guest while paying attention to detail.  Monique’s philosophy is to do your job to the best of your ability and to always create a personal experience for each of her guests.

Carly, at the age of five, simulated cutting her brother's hair as he played video games. As she got older, her “clients” (also known as her childhood friends) got their hair done for dances, recitals, plays and any other occasion she could find to do someone’s hair and makeup. Carly did not recognize her true passion until she was bored out of her mind earning a business degree. It was then that she changed direction and followed her dream and became a cosmetologist.

            Since earning her license, Carly has been furthering her education by attending seminars, trade shows and classes including the Goldwell Master Color Class. She has developed her skills in creating the perfect blonde by using the balyage and foilyage techniques. Specializing in the art of color, including corrective color and dimensional foil highlighting, Carly strives to enhance her clients inner and outer beauty.  If you asked any of Carly’s clientele, they would say she is the BOMB.COM for all her special occasion/wedding up styles and make up. For the Clients that are really “in the know”, her brows are “on point”.

            When Carly is asked where she has gained most of her experience, she will tell you it is from the Lush team. Collectively, the Lush team has over 75 years experience.  They keep up with the latest techniques and hair trends as they appear on the fashion scene, constantly working and sharing their own innovative techniques, always pushing the boundaries of hair.

 Shannon, blends experience, education and imagination to achieve the desired look for each client. Gifted with a rich creative view and extensive understanding of the Goldwell color line, the possibilities are endless. Her 30-year career started as a “Shampoo Girl”. Due to Shannon’s endless questions and creative ways of asking them, she was asked personally by Goldwell USA to become an educational platform artist. The heath and integrity of your hair is her top priority. Shannon’s love for science and, especially chemistry, helps her keep your hair in it’s most beautiful condition to ensure that each client looks and feels the best that they can. 

              Shannon's favorite quote is: 

“Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better, and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.” -Vidal Sassoon

Tracy, who is relatively new to the industry, finds herself as a cliche.  She was photographed at an early age styling both her mother’s and Nana's hair along with anyone else she could convince.  Upon graduating high school, Tracy recognized the starving aspect all new stylists experience while building a clientele and chose a different career path.   

           She worked in sales for a period of time as well as ophthalmology.  Through her career path, she was given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica, Las Vegas and many local destinations on the east coast.  Tracy eventually landed in California for over a year soaking up the sunshine and west coast trends. 

          Many find Covid as having a negative impact on their lives.  Tracy saw it as an opportunity to study her dream career and earn her Cosmetology license.  Tracy joined the Lush Team as an apprentice while still in cosmetology school.  As soon as she received her PA cosmetology license, Tracy began earning a fan base by sharing her passion with every guest who sits in her chair.  

         Tracy’s experience in her other career paths has given her additional knowledge and skills that have propelled her to become Lush’s Administrative Manager.  Her energy and fresh ideas are welcome and will be appreciated as Lush continues to grow.    


Monique & Carly

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