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Did you know?
  1. On average, a person can lose up to 20% of their natural lashes every two weeks.

  2. Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles, which occur every 60 to 90 days.

  3. Depending on their individual lash growth cycles, a person can typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes every day.

  4. A new eyelash has already been growing to replace the lash that falls out and for most of us, we don’t even notice.


If you have ever noticed how your hair sheds more during certain seasons, you’re not alone! This is called “seasonal molting” and it’s completely natural. Every hair on our body follows a specific growth cycle, including our eyelashes. Lash shedding is a healthy part of the hair growth process and should not be cause for alarm—yes, even with lash extensions! 

When you have your eyelashes extended with quality semi-permanent extensions from Lush Salon and Spa, it will be more noticeable when these lashes shed because they are longer and darker than your natural lashes. But don’t worry, lash extensions should only shed when your natural lash has reached the end of its cycle, so no damage to your natural lashes here!

When we apply a set of classic lash extensions, one lash extension is attached to your natural eyelash. In volume, we attach a handmade fan of 2 or more lash extensions to your natural eyelash. In hybrid, it’s a combo of the two. You’ll notice that when your natural lash sheds, your lash extensions(s) go too!



Myth: Having Lash Extensions Applied Could Hurt or Feel Uncomfortable.

                The Truth: The process of having lash extensions applied does not hurt and should never cause discomfort if they are being applied by a trained lash artist. Actually, the lash extension application process is a very relaxing experience and many clients enjoy a nap, or ‘lash naps’ as we like to call them. So if you have ever heard that having lash extensions applied can hurt or be uncomfortable, this is not true. No pain should ever be involved during lash extension applications. What is involved is a luxury, spa like experience to make you relax!

Myth: Eyelash Extensions Could Damage My Natural Lashes. 

                The Truth: When you combine premium products and trained lash artists with proper application techniques, then your natural lashes should never be damaged. During the lash application process, it’s imperative to the health of your lashes to have each natural hair isolated when an extension is adhered to it and ensure proper separation so that the hairs can continue to grow and shed as they would naturally. At Lush Salon and Spa, we only use formaldehyde-free, medical-grade adhesives which are made exclusively for lash extensions. The combination of our top quality adhesive plus the individual lash attachment will sustain the health and integrity of your natural lashes indefinitely.

Myth: My Natural Lashes Will Be Shorter If/When I Decide To Have My Extensions Removed.

               The Truth: When eyelash extensions are applied by a trained lash artist, your natural lashes are allowed to grow as usual. Women without lash extensions usually apply and remove mascara every day. The application and slight pulling of lashes when applying mascara followed by the leaning and rubbing of your eyes to remove the mascara can greatly damage your lashes. With a proper lash extension application, there will be no damage, and your lashes should grow better than they would if you were applying, wearing and cleaning off mascara every day. So the myth that your natural lashes could be shorter if you were to remove your extensions is not true. 

Myth: Eyelash Extensions Are One Size Fits All and My Lashes Will Look Just Like My Friend's Lashes 

           After She Got Her Lash Extensions. 

               The Truth: All of us have different eye shapes as well as a different number of natural lashes. What does this mean? It means that lash extensions can be (and should be) customized just for YOU. It also means that your lash extensions may not look just like your friend’s lash extensions since you both have different eye shapes and different amounts of natural lashes. Here at Lush Salon and Spa, we specialize in safe and customized eyelash extensions. Our lash artists implement exclusive techniques which tailors a perfect design for each individual’s unique eye shape, lifestyle, and desired lash look.

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