Hair Services

Your hair is as individual as you are.  We recommend scheduling a

complimentary consultation.  All color corrections and total look

makeovers, however, will require a consultation to best understand the current state

and goals for your hair.

Prices listed are our base price and may vary depending on technical detail,

amount of product used and time required to complete our services.  

Lush Salon and Spa is dedicated to providing the newest products,

services and technology, therefore, the prices may change without notice.

Blow Out
shampoo, blow dry finish

30 min - $25

45 min - $35

Add On Iron Work

add on extra time to add curls or smoothing to style (price may vary)

Special Occasion Style $65

up-sweep or heavy iron styling

Fairy Sparkles  $3 ea. (up to 6) 15 min. 

Fairy Sparkle Partial $55 (strategically placed throughout the entire head) 45 min.

Fairy Sparkle Full $115 (strategically placed throughout the entire head) 90 min. 


We tie a fairy sparkle to a strand of hair and it will last until your hair sheds naturally. 

Because shedding cycles vary, each sparkle will shed at a different time. 


Men's Haircut  $25

shampoo + blow dry finish

Women's Haircut

shampoo + blow dry finish  

add on iron work may change time and price

30 minute  $35

45 minute  $40

60 minute  $50

90 minute  $70

Child's Haircut  $15

shampoo + blow dry finish for ages 6 and under

Beard & Mustache Trim  $10

Trim Bangs  $10


Texture & Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment  $35

add a moisture or protein treatment to any service to help with building the integrity of the hair

Color Lock Serum  $12

a color locking serum blown dry into hair after color service to lock in shine and tone and improve longevity of hair color up to 22 washes

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

the treatment will last up to 5 months on average, perfect for those who want to reduce blow-dry time, reduce frizz, and restore damaged hair

please allow a minimum of 3-6 hours depending on length of hair

Long  $250

Medium  $200

Short $150

Permanent Wave

chemical texture service to create natural looking waves or curls

color safe option available
Long  $200

Medium  $150

Short  $125

Hair & Brow color

Brow Tinting  $15

Single Process Retouch  $65

a permanent color that enhances, deposits and covers gray in one application

Single Process Full Application  $75

a permanent color that enhances, deposits and covers gray in one application

Partial Foil   $80

face framing and top of head highlight/lowlight foils

multiple colors can be discussed at consultation

Full Foil   $100

full head of highlight/lowlight foils

multiple colors can be discussed at consultation

Detail Packs  $5 ea.

foils added to enhance and achieve desired effect

Balayage   $250

an artistic and creative way of hand painting to create gradual effect highlights 

please allow a minimum of three hours

consultation recommended

Double Process Pull Through  $175

a technique requiring two separate procedures in which the hair is decolonized or prelightened with a decolorizer/lightener before the second application of a depositing color


Double Process Retouch  $135

same technique as above for regrowth only

Glaze/Color Balancing  $60 (as an add on day of color service $35)

protein rich Demi-permanent hair color offers lots of shine, transparent coverage, refreshing fading & subtle gray blending

lasts 6-8 weeks before fading completely out

blow dry finish included

Men's Reshade   $25

a 5 minute foam hair color used to blend grays but not opaque coverage

Silk Lift  $10 additional

a high performance lightener upgrade that conditions with Silk Protein Complex to lift without compromising the hair's integrity

infused with Anti-Yellow system

BondPro+  $35

bond multiplying service to reduce chemical damage by reinforcing the bonds in your hair preventing breakage

BondPro+ strengthens the hair fiber & supports bond stability leaving hair revitalized, deeply nourished and feeling significantly healthier

Pure Pigments $10 additional

direct dye additives that can be customized to create unique color reflections in the hair-like light passing through a prism